So, What is Magic Anyway?

"Think back to your best Christmas ever. Hold onto that feeling and mix it with the first time you fell in love. What about the time you stood in a stone circle in Wessex and could feel the hum of the earth, the energy of history, the prickle of past generations standing there with you."

My Magical Manifesto

Making Magic Mainstream

Inside of me, you and every other human being, is a place of utter perfection, an oasis of wellbeing where existence itself feels exquisite. I say ‘place’ because I don’t really have an ideal word for what I am trying to point you to. In many ways, it is more like a state you can slip into. And yet, it isn’t like any of these things, because it is you.

Magic is a fundamental characteristic of who you really are. It is what lies beneath. The pure you-ness, without all the fears, anxieties, likes and dislikes, broken dreams and unfulfilled desires, before all the theories and attitudes and worries and everything you think about yourself. It is before any of the external world appears to rush in. It is the real you. The true you. The magical you. And it’s the key to creating just about anything you could ever wish for. I’m talking about a direct experience of the source of creation itself, a direct communion with magic.

Real Magic.

On the outside, there are vast differences between all of us. But underneath, when it comes to what really matters, we are all perfect. All of us. I put it to you that you are perfect, divine, and unbelievably powerful. Somewhere, deep down, your greatness is sitting ... and waiting.

Are you ready to take your first step on the journey? Are you prepared to do the work?

Come with me. Because I intend to make Magic mainstream.

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"Did you feel that? A sparking aliveness

a sense of the extraordinary

A glimpse of magic!"

- Becoming Magic, Genevieve Davis

A Course In Manifesting An Exceptional Life

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Becoming Magic

Book One

In this book, I introduce the concept of magic, and show you the preparatory steps to start your magical journey. Click here to download it for free.

Doing Magic

Book Two

In Doing Magic, I outline the exact steps which enabled me to move my own life from one of poverty and drudgery, to one of wealth, love, purpose and joy.

Advanced Magic

Book Three

Advanced Magic is the final part in the Course in Manifesting trilogy – a complete course in becoming creator of your own exceptional life.

Becoming Rich

Book Four

In Becoming Rich, you’ll learn the precise details of how you can use Magic to transform your entire financial world and start bringing money flowing to you.

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