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HOW TO DO MAGIC THAT WORKS - The Ultimate Technique For Making Things Happen

Let me show you how to do magic that works...
Allow me to teach you a simple, magical way to change your day-to-day experience of the world

A way to affect your life for the better, moment by moment.
A way to get things to go your way.
A ridiculously simple way to make things happen.

I call it 'The Ultimate Technique'.

I think you're going to love it.

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Becoming Magic - The book that started it all

In this first installment of the Magic series I outline the steps and processes I took that enabled me to transform my life from one of misery and depression, to one of inconceivable wealth, joy and happiness.

Doing Magic

Doing Magic - Once you have Mastered The Basics, This Is Your Next Step

The second book of the "Magic" series teaches you how to hone the knowledge you have gained and embrace that what you are doing is some kind of...magic!

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Advanced Magic - It Is Time Now, To Discover The Advance Magic Experience

The final part of the Course in Manifesting. In this book, we will further refine your methods and manifest the life of your dreams!

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Becoming Rich - Manifest Exceptional Wealth

In response to high demand, I wrote an addition to the course was written to tackle the subject of money.

In Becoming Rich you will learn of the four core tenets I used to transform my entire financial world.

Responsibility. Management. Activity. Trust.

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Becoming Genevieve - My Own Personal Account Of Depression And Awakening

In this book I share my true life story. Where I came from, where I am, how I ended up there.

I share how I discovered magic, some of the life-changing insights I had into magic, manifesting and the whole business of being alive.

Magic Words

Magic Words - The Use of Mere Words To Affect Aspects Of Your Life In Beautiful Ways

Magic words are shockingly easy to master, taking no preparation and costing nothing, literally anybody can do it.

This book will teach you the most spectacularly effective method for creating change in just about any area you can think of.