Trust that everything is turning out perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have asked and Genevieve has answered.

Here is a selection of readers' questions to help you with your manifestations.

Q: I have unconscious negative beliefs and lots of stuff from my childhood that gets in the way. Should I go and sort that out first?

A: You are perfect, powerful and you are magic, right here, right now. Whatever happened in the past has no effect on your ability to get in touch with the source of power and perfection that lies with in you. It is indestructible.

Q: I really need to win the lottery because it’s the only way I can change my situation. Can you help with that?

A: There may well be a way you can use magic to help you win the lottery. Certainly, you can increase your chances of winning by doing certain things. But before you get excited, don’t imagine you can do a technique, or say a few affirmations and then sit around waiting for things to fall into your lap. The magic I’m talking of is not about manifesting stuff out of thin air. It’s about creating. It’s about getting inspiration to create something and taking enchanted steps in the direction of the thing you want. It’s about trusting that something greater will step in to help when you get stuck. And you’ll soon discover that winning the lottery is nothing compared to what magic can give you.

Q: Is this the same as the law of attraction? I’ve read loads of books on manifesting, but I couldn’t make them work. What’s different about you?

A: Most books on the law of attraction and manifesting say the same thing – they focus on asking for what you want and then invoke some sort of force of attraction that attracts those things into your life. I don’t believe in that. You can’t ask the universe just to hand you things on a plate. What you can ask for is the means, the inspiration, the method by which you are going to create your desire. The universe will offer you all these things. It will also put people, opportunities, resources in your way. But these will almost never land in your lap. The universe will show them to you. But you almost always have to take action on them yourself. Magic doesn’t work by waving wands. It works through you, inspiring you to take just precisely that right action that will bring all your dreams into reality.

Q: Where should I start? With the course, or the books?

A: It doesn’t actually matter. But you couldn’t do better than to start with Becoming Magic. It’s the first book I ever wrote on magic. It’s short, it’s cheap and it’s inspiring.

Q: I am a Christian. Is this magic anything to do with witchcraft and dark energy?

A: This has nothing to do with spells, evil forces or harm in any way. The way I do things means it is virtually impossible to use magic to do bad things. It is about developing a very positive and effective inner state of peace and joy that creates good in the world.

Q: I find it hard to keep my thoughts positive. Can I make this work?

A: Join the club! Almost everyone finds it difficult to keep their thoughts positive all the time. The good news is, you don’t need to. I’m not an advocate of thoughts become things because things just don’t seem to work that way. You have almost certainly noticed that having a bad thought doesn’t result in the instant manifestation of that bad thing. And we have all spent hours thinking about things we want, and they never materialise. So forget all about thoughts become things, and don’t worry for now about your negative thinking. It will settle down, in time.

Q: Does this really work?

A: Yes it does. You can read how Genevieve transformed her life in her latest book, Becoming Genevieve. You can also read the real life stories sent in by readers and the results they experienced after following Genevieve's suggestions.