Become Magic With
Genevieve Davis

Within you and every other person is the
seed of Magic. I believe every one of us can
use this inner Magicto create an
exceptional life.

Let me show you how.

Magic Starts With Your First Steps Towards A New Life

The bestselling beloved book series of my true life transformation

Inspiration plus action leads to big results.

Available from Amazon in Kindle and Paperback formats and from Audible in Audiobook.

I'll Show You How To Create An Exceptional Life

Do you sometimes feel this world is determined to keep you down, with its constant messages of gloom and doom? Do you feel things conspire to keep you living a small, irrelevant life?

I have a different message for you.

I believe you are capable of greatness.

I believe within you, and every singleperson, is the seed of Magic. And I believe every one of us can use this inner Magic to create an exceptional life.

Magic can take you from poverty to wealth, from failure to success. But that’s just the beginning. Magic is also the key to discovering that place inside every one of us where existence feels exquisitely perfect.

For those stars determined to shine, I invite you to join me on a spectacular adventure into what’s possible. I am not a teacher, I am just a reminder.

All that you seek is already within you. My job is just to awaken that part remained hidden for so long, to ignite that spark deep inside you.

Genevieve Davis, Author

When You Are Magic,
You Help Yourself and You Help Others

Becoming Magic empowers you to help others.
The proceeds of my first books help charities around the world.
After years of struggle, I am now able to help those I really care about.

Magic Is Possible For You Right Now

You can change any situation immediately

You can change your life in Magical ways. I did.

I want you to to know it’s possible.

Only a few years ago I lived in a tiny flat, working twelve hours a day in a factory for minimum wage. I was over £30,000 ($45,000) in credit card debt and I had a £2600 ($4000) overdraft.

I was moderately educated but unskilled and had few prospects for changing my situation in any conventional way.

I sometimes wrote cheques for groceries I knew would bounce just so that I could eat. I often hid behind the sofa so the bailiffs at the door couldn’t see me through the window.

Today, I drive an Aston Martin and live in a beautiful home by the sea, often earning more in one month than I used to in an entire year.

Wonderful experiences sent in by lovely readers

"I thought I had read and tried all the manifestation books and techniques available. Then I happened across Becoming Magic. Four words: it changed my life."
Dave Ellis
"I am sure beyond a doubt that whatever magic you need, it will arrive in your life if you follow her process 100%!"
Faith Swantin
"I watched a dream of mine (moving back to California from Texas) happen within another few weeks."
Carine Horner
"All the specific things I’ve written are just coming to me pretty effortlessly and often in ways I don’t expect."
Emma-Louise Follows

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