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Why you shouldn’t believe me…


Why you shouldn’t believe me…

Like a lot of people, I’m not a fan of following orders. I’ve never been good at bowing to authority. As a result, I’ve been sacked from or walked out of almost every job I’ve ever had.

And I want to encourage you to be similarly distrustful of authority (at least, when it comes to magic and the spiritual journey). In particular, don’t follow the words of anyone blindly or because you think they know better than you.

And that includes me.

One of the absolute cornerstones of my philosophy of magic is that it is by looking to yourself — to what is true for you, not by being told, not by following orders or instructions — that you’ll come to an experience of magic.

I’ve read many many books, done courses and had coaching. But throughout the whole journey, I have continually asked myself one question:

What is true for me?

And as a result, I formulated a set of guidelines, based not on the instructions of others, but ONLY on my own experiences and observations. Here are a few choice examples I have picked up over the years.

1.    When I stop all complaining and refused to say or think anything mean or nasty about anyone, life seems to pick up, and nice things happen.

2.    When not complaining is combined with feeling gratitude on a regular basis, the result is even greater.

3.    It is essential to combine this with action. When I try to manifest, using law of attraction techniques and sit about waiting for change, nothing ever happens.

4.    There are no disasters, there are no ‘things going wrong’. There are only stepping stones to something greater.

5.    Small shifts lead to huge changes.

6.    Thinking dispassionately about the very worst-case scenario and finding a way to be okay with it, results in things turning out for the best. (This seems to negate the whole ‘thoughts become things’ theory.)

7.    The most profound experiences in life happen when I become magic and enter the receiving state.

8.    Magic is not something you do, magic is something you are.

These are not things I have read in someone else’s books. These are not necessarily the standard dogma. These are what has worked for me. They had come from my actual life experience of this stuff actually playing out. These are my (very loose) rules.

They are not your rules.

If these do not seem to be true in your life, then throw them away.

If you see something else happening in your life, trust that.

Always, always your best teacher is your own experience. The only authority is you.

This is what I’m trying to point to when I encourage you to take responsibility.

So yes, please read my books, follow my courses, or even join my Academy of Magic. But remember, I am just a signpost. I’m merely trying to head you in the right direction. Nothing more. I am not your guru. I am not even your teacher.

I’m not a teacher because this is not, not, not about doing what I say. If I tell you what to do, and you go away and do it purely because I said so, nothing will happen. If you want to learn something from me, you have to go away and live this.

It’s never because you are doing what I say. It’s when you are doing what you know or feel to be right. You can’t be taught this stuff. You have to see it. You have to know it. You have to feel it.

It has to come from you. It is you that becomes magic. 

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Genevieve Davis is the author of the Becoming Magic bestselling book series and the creator of the Becoming Magic online video course.

Genevieve Davis

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