January 27

Becoming Genevieve


Becoming Genevieve

My Dearest Friends,

It’s finally here. I’m thrilled to announce my new book, Becoming Genevieve: An Extraordinary True Story of Believing in Magic, is published and available for sale. You’ll be pleased to know the hiding is over. I will reveal my true identity in the book.

For those that prefer audiobooks, I’m afraid there will be a bit more of a wait. The good news is, I have once again secured the very wonderful Fiona Hardingham to narrate. Production is already under way and I will let you know the moment the audio version is finished.

This book, largely magical memoir, is the true and honest story of my discovery, mastery and belief in what I call magic. I share true-life examples of manifestations and specific details of how I actually went from rags to riches, met the most wonderful man, and overcame lifelong depressions. But also, where I drew my inspiration, and how my understanding has taken off over the last year. It is the culmination of an astonishing spiritual and journey, from first childhood glimpses of magic, through the bad times of my twenties, and right up to the present day.

If it hadn’t all happened to me, I wouldn’t believe a word of it ?

I’m hoping you’ll come away feeling uplifted, empowered and with open eyes. Even the archest sceptic will start to wonder: Is magic actually real

I sincerely hope you all enjoy Becoming Genevieve. If you do (or even if you don’t), please do consider leaving a review on Amazon for the book. It would be enormously appreciated. I’ll send a signed paperback copy of the book to the first ten people to review. Just drop me an email as soon as you’ve left your review and tell me where to send it.

And finally, thank you all, for your kind messages, and unwavering support. I love you all.

My dear, patient readers, I present to you… Becoming Genevieve.

With love, Genny

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About the Author

Genevieve Davis is the author of the Becoming Magic bestselling book series and the creator of the Becoming Magic online video course.

Genevieve Davis

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