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What’s your reason?


What’s your reason?

I’ve been coming up against a problem…

The longer I’ve been on this spiritual ‘path’, the more my understanding has deepened and the more I see connections in everything.

This means that even in writing a book about one discrete subject – weight loss, I’m finding I keep veering into other areas – mental health, decision making, how to beat procrastination and take action, and so forth.

I’m trying to keep it to weight issues, and it keeps turning into a book about life, the universe and everything!

I mentioned it to my partner, Mike. And he reminded of something…

He said, don’t forget that everyone comes to the truth via a different gateway

And in a flash, the problems I’d been having in keeping ‘on topic’ evaporated.

I remembered that we almost all end up on this spiritual path via a problem, whether it’s just a sense of dissatisfaction with life, a trauma or some particular challenge we are facing.

It’s the sense that ‘something isn’t right’, ‘something needs fixing’, the feeling that whatever is here right now could be better.

It’s these challenges, problems, and issues that keep us on the path to magic.

This chat with Mike helped enormously. Because it reminded me that problems (such as being overweight) are not ‘things’ to be fixed. Problems are opportunities to see a deeper truth. They are invitations to let a bit more of the illusion drop. They are gateways to magic.

So a really great book about magic and weight loss, or magic and money, or magic and mental health issues will NEVER just be about ‘losing weight’ or ‘getting richer’ or ‘beating anxiety’.

So now I know exactly how to write this book, and who to write it for.

The audience for this book is not ‘people who need to lose weight’.

The audience for this book whose weight and body issues may just be their gateway to magic, awakening and the greatest truths of the universe.

(And if you might be one of them, don’t worry. I’ll let you all know the moment the book is published.)

With love,
Genevieve x

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Genevieve Davis is the author of the Becoming Magic bestselling book series and the creator of the Becoming Magic online video course.

Genevieve Davis

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