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The strange thing about luck.


The strange thing about luck.

Do you wish you were luckier, that things would just go your way a little more often?

Let me tell you about the easiest way I know to make that happen.

Right now, look out of the window, or around your room, and find as many negative things to say as you can.

As I sit here in my car, writing this blog on my laptop, I’ll do the same. Here are some negative things I could say…

Yuck, there’s a crisp bag on the pavement, what sort of idiot chucks their rubbish down like that? Don’t they care about anyone but themselves?

That woman needs to take her dog to the groomers. Its coat is far too long. It must be so uncomfortable. Can’t she see that? Some people shouldn’t own dogs.

Bloody seagulls! Sky-rats EVERYWHERE! Why can’t they go back and nest on the cliffs, where they belong?

That man shouldn’t be running without a top on in this cold weather. It’s not like he has a good body. Not everyone wants to see your man-boobs, mate!

­Okay, I think that’s enough!

That was the result of just a couple of minutes of looking for only the negative in my immediate vicinity. I have to say, it wasn’t a very pleasant experience! I already feel a sinking sensation and even a bit sad.

How awful must it feel to think like this all the time?

Consider for a moment, the life of a person who tends to see only the negative in all they see. (I think we all know people like this).

You feel totally separate and alone, utterly disempowered, angry and scared all the time. (I know this from personal experience!)

How likely it is that good things, people and events will come to this person? How likely is it that luck will shower down on them?

The answer might surprise you.

The answer is that it’s extremely likely that good things will come to them.
Because negative people tend to be visited by just the same luck as everyone else.

But here’s the thing…

They don’t notice it! They might not even see it.

Because out of all the billions of things they could notice, conceptualise or judge in each second, a negative person just doesn’t register all the incredibleness, the beauty, the opportunities, the signals, the messages, the signs, the luck, the good fortune.

And so, life for them continues to feel difficult, scary and uncomfortable.


Imagine the opposite person. Imagine the type who sees only good, who only sees only excitement, adventure, opportunity, and beauty.

Imagine the journey they pick through life. Imagine the path they find themselves on? Imagine the incredible things they come across. Can you see how much easier it is for serendipity, luck and magic to find its way into their lives?

Living a magical life is largely about the way you view the world, the manner in which you interact, and how you deal with things that seem to be in your path.

Good luck is a choice. Look for magic, and you will find it.
Look for the good, and you won’t even see the bad.

Expect luck, and it will be everywhere.

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Genevieve Davis is the author of the Becoming Magic bestselling book series and the creator of the Becoming Magic online video course.

Genevieve Davis

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