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One of the biggest mistakes in learning magic…


One of the biggest mistakes in learning magic…

One of the BIGGEST mistakes people make with magic is to assume that if it’s not EASY then they are doing something wrong. And they’re always on the lookout for ‘tricks’, techniques, and easy little rituals.

After all, if magic doesn’t make life easier, then what’s the point?

Well, here’s the thing about successful magic…

I know it can look and sound easy, but expecting magic to be easy from the off is like looking at Usain Bolt and imagining you should be able to get straight on the track and run just like him!

It’s like thinking you can pick up a violin and play like Nigel Kennedy because he finds playing effortless.

It’s like thinking you can be as rich as Jeff Bezos by Christmas because he makes getting rich look easy.

Now, running fast, playing violin and earning money are EASY for these people. But do you seriously think it was always that way? Do you think they didn’t work hard to make it easy?

Yes, Magic makes life effortless. Yes, Magic enables you to get things for free. Yes, magic does feel a bit like cheating.

But here’s the big secret… Magic takes a lot of HARD WORK AND EFFORT before it gets easy.

Magic is EASY for people who have put in the legwork. But it takes commitment, effort and perseverance to learn.

So try telling a positive story especially when things are going to hell.

Don’t complain especially when you have good reason.

Actively feel gratitude especially when you feel hard done by.

And just watch the results…😊

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Genevieve Davis is the author of the Becoming Magic bestselling book series and the creator of the Becoming Magic online video course.

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